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How Energy relates to the Human Body   All functions of the human body rely on energy.  Plants take energy from the sun and convert CO2 into sugar, a storeable form of energy.  Animals take the sugar and convert them into a smaller form of energy storage, ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate).  This chemical runs every organ in the body from the heart to the brain.  Electrical energy, or the movement of charged particles also plays a large part in human physiology.

The nervous system depends on the movement of charged particles such as sodium and potassium to convey messages between the brain and body.  Since the brain is generally considered to be the seat of consciousness, and it uses carefully balanced electrical fields to maintain function; it can be assumed that we are in conscious control of the electrical fields and that they, in turn, affect us.  Electrical flow creates a magnetic field around it.  The effects of magnetic fields on the human body are less understood, but it would make sense that they do affect us, for good or ill.

The body creates its own magnetic field as charged particles are moving constantly.  The bioelectric field can be measured, as can the smaller electrical currents produced by the brain and heart.  The fact is that our bodies use a good deal of energy in its various forms.

The light that enters our eyes is energy that is converted to chemical and electrical signals that are sent to the brain.  This creates a thought process, a perception, a sensation.  Sound is vibration energy, heat is kinetic, or moving energy, taste and smell are a form of chemical energy.  Every sense that we have involves sensing energy.  To sense at all is to feel energy.

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